Success Story: Nissan


Car manufacturer Nissan briefed OMD Programmatic to create a campaign targeting the young, tech-savvy audience to generate leads for their Micra car model. To achieve this, OMD commissioned leading DSP, Platform 161, and cookie-less dynamic ID provider, Novatiq, to build and engage a first-party-verified audience using Turkcell consented first-party data intelligence.


Highly precise audience segments were created from consented Turkcell subscribers using verified deterministic and behavioural attributes based on demographics, technology usage and interest.

Novatiq’s in-network process allowed eligible audiences to be matches to Nissan’s campaign request, safely behind Turkcell’s firewall, where a privacy-first dynamic ID was applied.

For comparison, similar audiences built from a cookie-based data provider were also used in the campaign. To ensure maximum reach, Nissan’s existing cookie-based audiences were excluded from targeting.


  • 300% conversion rate uplift over cookie-based segments
  • 30% higher click-through rate than targeting cookie-based segments
  • The highest performing segment was identified as ‘Fashion & Beauty’

“We’ve seen the results now in various verticals. It’s clear that data from a trusted source that fits regulatory requirements and is technically future-proof needs to be an integral part of our programmatic strategy for all of our clients, as well as Nissan.”

Gökberk Ertunç, Programmatic Manager, OMD Turkey

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