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User tracking is dying, and this is challenging the fabric of the advertising ecosystem and removing the ability to deliver identity at scale. For brands to serve up personalised advertising, they need a scaled ID solution for the newly anonymised web.

And telcos are perfectly placed to provide it.

Are you a telco looking to create new shareholder value?

Find out why digital identity could be a lucrative new opportunity.

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Turn telco intelligence into a competitive advantage

Telco networks are at the centre of every digital interaction. They already have a track record in delivering secure ID solutions, such as Mobile Connect.

The next step is clear - to proactively develop a telco-based marketing and advertising ID as a basis for delivering personalised customer experiences and dialogue.

Through our patented Fusion platform, Novatiq empowers telcos to leverage their rich business intelligence and create a new ID currency for reaching both anonymous and authenticated online users. Our solutions help telcos unlock the full value of their customer intelligence while delivering a service that customers can trust.

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Ready to do more with your telco intelligence?

Integrate Fusion in your network and join the ID currency evolution.

Delivering better results for telcos

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Increase shareholder value

Increase shareholder value through a differentiated service-level proposition - not commoditised service delivery.

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Add new revenue streams

Add a significant new incremental revenue stream and a strong service-layer use case for 5G.

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Reduce churn rates

Reduce churn rates through a better understanding of the customer journey, as enabled by activation of first-party data.

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Power your campaigns

Improve performance and lower the cost of own advertising campaigns for customer acquisition, loyalty and cross-sell and up-sell.

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Grow affiliate programs

Extend opportunities for affiliates such as publisher partners by overlaying ID and data.

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Personalise with privacy

Our solutions are fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and e-privacy regulations with no remnant data left in the ad tech ecosystem.

Discover how we work with telcos

Novatiq empowers telcos to turn business intelligence into an actionable business growth opportunity. How? By bringing together customer strategy, cutting-edge ID solutions and secure data to drive new revenue streams.

Privacy-first consented user mapping

We work in true partnership and integrate with telcos worldwide using network-grade cloud technology. This allows us to carry out consented user mapping and create industry-standard telco IDs globally. Unlike other identity platforms, our audience matching takes place securely and exclusively behind the telco firewall – no personal data is ever moved, shared or exposed outside the telco network. It’s privacy by design.

Verify and activate

Our Fusion platform comprises two identifiers: Zenith ID for ID verification and Hyper ID, a dynamic transaction ID for audience activation. These products work synergistically to enable the delivery of personalised dynamic advertising whilst protecting the interests of all parties – publishers, brands, marketers and the end consumer.

Fuel accurate analytics

First, we validate publisher-specific first-party cookies through the network using consented telco intelligence to create the Zenith ID. Zenith ID enables publishers and brands to create a 360-degree view of their audiences and accurate analytics for their digital properties.

Activate across channels

Audiences are then activated when the profiled publisher or brand user visits a third-party site and a Hyper ID is generated. Our technology matches the Zenith ID to the Hyper ID in real-time, and the associated audience segment is delivered safely to buying platforms for marketers to bid on. The Hyper ID disappears as soon as it has fulfilled its purpose, leaving no trace in the ad ecosystem. This keeps your subscriber protected, and you on the right side of global privacy regulation.

Telco success story: 50% ROI uplift for this leading telco

This country-leading telco wanted to target existing female customers to promote their new smartphone app. Using Novatiq enabled media, they implemented data intelligence from their own verified audiences to guarantee precise audience targeting in a new environment. Segment intelligence was safely and securely enabled across programmatic media, using Novatiq's privacy-protecting Hyper ID.

  • 50% uplift in return on investment
  • 82% increase in click-through rate where Novatiq deterministic data was used
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