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Unlock the true value of your first-party deterministic data

Novatiq is the only partner who can truly leverage first-party data intelligence securely in new environments, helping telcos safely generate incremental revenue and maximise customer retention and acquisition strategies.

Our platform was developed by telco experts who know that customers come first. That’s why we’re able to guarantee a safe, secure and compliant way to use first-party data across open environments.

Working with Novatiq helps you the true value of your first-party deterministic data.

Generate incremental revenue

  • Transform your data intelligence into tangible business insights and earn incremental revenue

Maximise business strategy

  • Revolutionise your customer marketing strategy to retain and acquire customers, by leveraging your data to reach people in new environments

Uncompromised customer data

  • We remove the risk of compromising customer data by ensuring personal information is protected behind the data controller firewall

Privacy compliant

  • No remnant data is left in the adtech ecosystem ensuring full compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy regulations

Protect Your Data

Protect the data you’ve been trusted with, using identity technology that is set for the future.

Novatiq’s proprietary technology evolves with you, to best protect your data and position you to take advantage of the new opportunities that 5G presents.

Unlike other identity platforms, our audience matching takes place securely and exclusively behind the telco firewall. Without the use of third-party cookies or device IDs. Instead, we assign our dynamic snowflake ID to ensure customer privacy, and keep you on the right side of regulation.

How It Works

Novatiq’s integrated in-network solution translates profile attributes into audience segments, which are then distributed using our patented snowflake ID.

By assigning a snowflake token we can identify audience attributes, while ensuring identifiable data remains secure.

Once the snowflake’s purpose is served, the ability to re-use the audience segment is removed. This ensures intelligence is only used for the original purpose customers have consented to.


  • Audience data-matching takes place securely behind the telco firewall

Snowflake assignment

  • Each eligible profile is assigned a unique single use dynamic snowflake ID for advertisers to bid on

Snowflake evaporation

  • Once the data has served its purpose, the snowflake evaporates and can’t be used again

Success Story: Leading Telco

This country leading telco wanted to target existing female customers to promote their new smartphone app. Using Novatiq enabled media, they implemented data intelligence from their own verified audiences to guarantee precise audience targeting in a new environment. Segment intelligence was safely and securely enabled across programmatic media, using Novatiq’s privacy-protecting snowflake ID.


  • 50% uplift in return-on-investment
  • 82% increase in click-through rate where Novatiq deterministic data was used

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