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Get better ad performance with Novatiq

Novatiq helps publishers achieve better return on their advertising inventory by enriching datasets, uncovering new opportunities, and focusing on strategic engagement with audiences across digital environments.

Our patented dynamic snowflake ID gives safe access to first-party data intelligence.

Through a simple integration with Novatiq, publishers can expand their audience portfolio, generate better campaign performance for clients and command premium pricing for their ad inventory.


Increase sales

  • Achieve increased sales at a higher price by enriching inventory with first-party audience data intelligence

Verify audience authenticity

  • Ensure audiences are real, and safe-guard advertising clients from fraudulent bot-activity

Maximise revenue

  • Enrich your audience data to command premium pricing in private marketplaces and open exchanges

Build customer loyalty

  • Achieve better campaign performance results, creating loyalty and repeated ad spend

Protect and elevate datasets

  • Our dynamic snowflake ID helps protect your current inventory, whilst also uncovering new business opportunities to monetise data

How It Works

We enable publishers to drive more value from their digital properties by increasing both scale and the level of enriched audience datasets they are able to offer clients.

Using a simple low latency API integration, Novatiq generates snowflake IDs in your inventory to enrich existing inventory with first-party data intelligence. This means publishers can offer richer precision audience at a premium price point.

Enriched Datasets

Novatiq offers rich datasets that come equipped with high value, and high reward. Publishers can now command higher price points by using Novatiq to enrich audience data, and preventing fraudulent traffic on pages.

Data-enhanced audiences are offered for direct publisher sales, programmatically through private marketplaces or the open market by adding our snowflake ID to the bid request.

Success Story: Niffler

Games development studio, Niffler wanted to reach a tech-friendly audience to drive play of their new game, while maximising ad spend to remain budget-conscious. We created 10 audience segments based on age, gender, device and tech enthusiasm using deterministic data intelligence, and tracked engagement levels. A thorough insights report was also provided to help guide future marketing efforts.


  • 75% higher click-through-rate where Novatiq deterministic data was used
  • Data intelligence guided future marketing campaigns

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