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Develop data-driven marketing strategies with confidence

Novatiq’s platform allows marketers to build audience segments using verified data intelligence, to deliver highly personalised content to real people without ever compromising personal data.

Our patented technology means marketers can take the guesswork out of marketing and supercharge campaigns to get the best results using deterministic first-party data intelligence.


Build better audience segments

  • We work directly with telcos to tap into the most precise audiences built from deterministic data, helping you deliver better campaign results

Tailor personalised experiences

  • Reach, engage and optimise campaigns to build better audience experiences so people engage

Achieve higher match rates

  • Our proprietary technology find precise audiences behind the telco firewall, improving match rates

Cookie-less technology

  • Our in-network solution does not rely on third-party cookies, ensuring you’re future-proofed and ahead of the competition

Smart Data

Target a verified and deterministic audience with accuracy using Novatiq’s proprietary platform.

Novatiq audience match rates are unaffected by third-party updates, because our matching is done behind the firewall using first-party data only.

Our platform is constantly evolving, to ensure you have access to smart data that works harder.

How It Works

Novatiq uses the highest quality first-party, single-source and deterministic data to deliver superior marketing campaigns to verified audiences.

Our telco partners use authentication filters based on deterministic data, so you can deliver marketing results grounded in reality. All the while, ensuring you remain regulatory compliant.


  • Audience matching is done behind the firewall, based on the requested profile attributes


  • As audiences become available, a snowflake ID is created to carry the biddable data intelligence into the ad-tech ecosystem in real-time


  • After a bid is won, you are set to deliver tailored experiences to your target audience

Success Story: HSBC

HSBC sought to drive uptake of their premier accounts by targeting a custom audience that met the strict qualification criteria. To reach this niche audience using a programmatic strategy, HSBC used data enabled by Novatiq. By leveraging this data, HSBC drastically improved their conversion rate and exchanged passive clicks for meaningful visitors.


  • 150% increase in conversion rate
  • 10% increase in form submissions
  • 15% decrease in bounce rate

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