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Advertisers succeed when they leverage the benefit of their own user profiles to create and deliver personalised campaigns at scale – driving their marketing forward. Working with SSP and DSP partners, marketers need a winning combination of inventory and data to deliver campaign ROI.

But how do they create campaigns that resonate when the fabric of identity that underpins targeting has shifted?

Novatiq has the answer.

Data Driven Marketing Solutions
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Reach scaled audiences in real time

Our dynamic Hyper ID is a transaction-based identifier that enables the delivery of scaled first-party audiences in real time. Agencies, brands, DSPs and SSPs can be confident that the audiences they are reaching are attributable and privacy-safe.

Hyper ID can also be used for retargeting. Combined with our Zenith ID, it enables marketers to hit the bullseye and put their ads in front of the right audiences through the use of profiles that have been informed by first-party intelligence – either their own or other first party audiences including consented deterministic telco information.

The result is unparalleled campaign performance and ROI.

Delivering better results for marketers

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Match audiences in real time

Enable first-party audiences at scale with 100% real-time consented audience matching.

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Create safe addressable audiences

Create quality audiences derived from first-party data, including deterministic telco data, processed safely and securely behind the telco firewall.

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Target with flexibility and precision

Precisely target audiences across behavioural and contextual environments.

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Protect against fraud

Protect against fraud with data intelligence that is 100% verified at source and only reaches real audiences.

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Increase revenue

Increase revenue through access to exclusive, enriched audience inventory at scale, commanding premium prices.

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Build better experiences

Delight customers and keep them loyal with better campaigns, accurate targeting and better results from the use of Novatiq’s verified intelligence data.

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Supply-side platform?

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Explore how we work with the digital ad ecosystem

Putting the right campaigns in front of the right audiences at the right time could not be easier. We empower everyone in the digital ad ecosystem to reach safe, attributable audiences at scale and in real time.

Delivering exceptional customer experiences couldn’t be easier

Hyper ID is activated by publishers, brands and supply-side platforms in the ad-request of web pages and mobile apps. The Hyper ID is then distributed through supply side platforms who can exchange it for the requested audience responses for direct sales and private marketplaces. Or, pass on the Hyper ID to the bid request to augment inventory in open auctions via an exchange or DSP – it’s fast and effortless.

Platform designed for speed and scale

Buyers enjoy a sleek custom interface within Fusion, putting them firmly in control. Use existing custom audiences, or create new rich audiences, to ensure you reach the right people at the right time. The requested audience segments are activated as users come online, triggering a real-time notification to the buy-side attached to the Hyper ID so that transaction ID creation or bidding can take place.

Marketer success story: 150% uplift in conversion rates for HSBC

HSBC sought to drive uptake of their premier accounts by targeting a custom audience that met the strict qualification criteria. To reach this niche audience using a programmatic strategy, HSBC used data enabled by Novatiq. By leveraging this data, HSBC drastically improved their conversion rate and exchanged passive clicks for meaningful visitors.


  • 150% increase in conversion rate
  • 10% increase in form submissions
  • 15% decrease in bounce rate
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