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Pioneering the era of personalisation, without personal data

Connecting with Novatiq opens up a new way to match audiences to ad inventory, without the need for third-party cookies, and without the need to move personal data into the ad ecosystem.

Our technology provides access to first-party data in a way that is safe and regulatory compliant, allowing demand-side platforms to build richer audiences at scale, and supply-side platforms to increase their audience enriched ad-inventory as it becomes available.

Our audiences are matched using first-party data behind the telco firewall, meaning we can offer higher, more accurate match rates using verified deterministic data.

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No third-party cookies

  • Our audience matching is completed using first-party deterministic data, safely and securely behind the firewall, increasing match rates without cookies

Enrich data quality

  • Use verified data intelligence for more accurate targeting and better results

Increase revenue

  • Gain access to exclusively enriched audience inventory to increase the scale of the precise audiences that a brand requires

Verified audiences

  • Real audiences verified at source achieve better campaign results for clients, therefore increase likelihood of further spend

SSP Integration

Supply side platforms integrate with Novatiq by activating our snowflake ID in the ad request in web pages and mobile apps.

The snowflake allows Novatiq to match the ad request to requested audiences privately inside the telco network, and in real-time. This ensures personal data is safe, and never enters the ad ecosystem.

The snowflake ID can then be exchanged by the SSP for the requested audience responses for direct sales and private marketplaces (PMPs), or the snowflake ID can be added to the bid request to augment unsold inventory in open auctions via an exchange or DSP.

DSP Integration

Demand side platforms connect to Novatiq via a web or API interface in the cloud allowing for audience segment to be created for campaigns.

We then match our snowflake ID to the requested audience segments as they come online, privately behind the telco firewall.

When that response matches the audience request, we send a DSP notification so bidding can take place. This process takes place in real time.

Success Story: Niffler

Games development studio, Niffler wanted to reach a tech-friendly audience to drive play of their new game, while maximising ad spend to remain budget-conscious. We created 10 audience segments based on age, gender, device and tech enthusiasm using deterministic data intelligence, and tracked engagement levels. A thorough insights report was also provided to help guide future marketing efforts.


  • 75% higher click-through-rate where Novatiq deterministic data was used
  • Data intelligence guided future marketing campaigns

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