Our Results

Success Story: Nissan

Nissan Turkey briefed OMD to create a campaign targeting a young, tech-savvy audience to generate leads for their Micra car model. To achieve this, OMD commissioned Platform 161 and Novatiq to build and engage a first-party verified audience using Turkcell’s consented first-party data intelligence.


  • 300% conversion rate uplift vs cookie-based audiences
  • 30% increase in click-through rate where Novatiq deterministic data was used

Success Story: HSBC

HSBC sought to drive uptake of their premier accounts by targeting a custom audience that met the strict qualification criteria. To reach this niche audience using a programmatic strategy, HSBC used data enabled by Novatiq. By leveraging this data, HSBC drastically improved their conversion rate and exchanged passive clicks for meaningful visitors.


  • 150% increase in conversion rate
  • 10% increase in form submissions
  • 15% decrease in bounce rate

Success Story: Leading Telco

This country leading telco wanted to target existing female customers to promote their new smartphone app. Using Novatiq enabled media, they implemented data intelligence from their own verified audiences to guarantee precise audience targeting in a new environment. Segment intelligence was safely and securely enabled across programmatic media, using Novatiq’s privacy-protecting snowflake ID.


  • 50% uplift in return-on-investment
  • 82% increase in click-through rate where Novatiq deterministic data was used

Success Story: Niffler

Games development studio, Niffler wanted to reach a tech-friendly audience to drive play of their new game, while maximising ad spend to remain budget-conscious. We created 10 audience segments based on age, gender, device and tech enthusiasm using deterministic data intelligence, and tracked engagement levels. A thorough insights report was also provided to help guide future marketing efforts.


  • 75% higher click-through-rate where Novatiq deterministic data was used
  • Data intelligence guided future marketing campaigns