Our Platform

Data stays, intelligence moves

Novatiq makes first-party data safe to use across new environments.

We offer a purpose-built platform to keep customer privacy a priority, while providing our data partners with new ways to earn incremental revenue.

Our in-network solution allows telcos to monetise data, and gives marketers the opportunity to access first-party data intelligence in a way that is regulatory compliant.

Our platform in action (simplified)

Build audiences

Novatiq’s platform receives a request to identify and build specific audiences.

Our platform matches the request to the audience segment using first-party data intelligence, safely and securely behind the firewall.

Transform data into intelligence

As a user initiates an ad request through a web page or app load, our dynamic snowflake ID is applied. A privacy-first solution that is dynamic, unique, non-sequential with real-time application. This means audience intelligence is safely matched to the ad request, giving the option to activate and fulfil a one-off ad-transaction.

Put privacy first

Once ad placement has been fulfilled, the ability to reuse the snowflake ID evaporates ensuring it cannot be used beyond its intended purpose.

Technology that is built on the foundation of privacy

We built our technology on a foundation of privacy, meaning our clients get the benefits that come with safe and secured, real-time first party data.

Generate incremental revenue

Tailor personalised experiences

Maximise business strategy

Build better audience segments

Enrich data quality

Verify audience authenticity

Why our technology is unlike any other

We put people back in control of their data. Built on a privacy-first foundation, our patented snowflake ID technology links to data intelligence that is kept secure behind the firewall and matches to requested audiences.

Only the snowflake ID is moved into the ad ecosystem, meaning no data is carried through. This means that if consumer consent is removed, this can be actioned immediately with no data breadcrumbs left around the ecosystem to clear up.


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