Simple to connect

We make it easy for telcos, marketers, publishers and data partners to integrate with us.

Novatiq’s platform is designed to seamlessly integrate into a variety of ecosystems, for quick and easy set-up.

Whether you’re a telco or data partner, our team will guide you through the process and ensure a smooth and fast transition onto our platform, thereby opening up a whole new world of business opportunities.

Privacy as priority, staying on the right side of regulation

Telco integration and activation is easy with Novatiq’s technology

Our team will guide the installation of the Novatiq carrier-grade technology on private cloud machines behind the network firewall to sync user-mapping

We work with you to determine what consented data sets Novatiq can process privately in-network to create the requested audience cohorts, and the delivery mechanism for that data

You determine the hashed identifier with which Novatiq will sync the users and audience requests to the snowflake ID, in real time

Publishers can activate dynamic ID enriched audiences in 3 straightforward steps

First activate our low latency dynamic snowflake ID either in page or in app

Then activate the ID through a simple pre-bid platform module

Use the snowflake ID for direct sales, or enable in the bid request for an open auction

Novatiq provides a simple route for SSP dynamic ID activation and audience creation

Novatiq works with SSPs to activate a dynamic ID either on-page or in-app through our pre-bid platform module

The ID is then added to the bid request for open auction access to enriched audiences

Activate private market places (PMPs) or create deal IDs for direct sales through the addition of our platform module that enables you to map IDs to audiences

Novatiq provides you with smooth 3 step activation for safe and secure access to real-time verified audiences

Connect to Novatiq via a web or API interface in the cloud, enabling easy segment creation to active campaigns

Activate the campaign and identify the snowflake ID in the bid request

Exchange the snowflake ID for the audience response in real-time to win the bid

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