Fusion platform

A powerful all-in-one platform, combining multiple ID solutions for seamless identity resolution and audience activation

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Best-in-class platform to create and activate audiences efficiently and at scale

Fusion brings together our Zenith ID and Hyper ID products in one powerful, patented platform.
Build audiences, create campaigns and drive better business outcomes with deep visibility into campaign performance – all with layers of compliance built in.

Why Fusion?

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Culture of security

Everything is processed behind the highly secure firewall to protect user data.

One-click integrations

Hit the ground running with effortless integration, done in minutes.



Works alone or in combination with other authenticated IDs for maximum flexibility.

Superior addressability

Buy-side platforms can deepen customer relationships by building richer audiences at scale.

Ad Inventory Optimisation

Supply-side platforms platforms can increase their audience-enriched ad inventory as it becomes available.

Hassle-free activation

Fast and seamless activation for publishers, brands and SSPs.

Zero Disruption

Zero disruption

Get all the benefits of a first-party ID infrastructure with no disruption to current business.


Flawless analytics

Take the guesswork out of marketing and optimise performance from a single source of intelligence.

Engineered for privacy

Novatiq is ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified. Privacy and security is at the core of all our technology and business practices.

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One all-in-one platform. One activation process. Two powerful IDs.

Fusion brings together two IDs: Zenith ID for seamless user authentication and Hyper ID for privacy-friendly audience activation at scale.

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