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A powerful all-in-one platform, combining multiple ID solutions for seamless identity resolution and audience activation

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A single platform to create first-party consented IDs for precision targeting

Fusion brings together our Zenith ID and Hyper ID products in one powerful, patented platform. Here, we blend first-party data and customer intelligence from telco operators to create and activate audiences efficiently and at scale. Fusion intuitively presents analytics data so publishers, brands and marketers can optimise and evaluate performance from a single source of intelligence.

Built on user consent, our proprietary platform gives consumers total control over how their personal information is used with layers of compliance built in. Our security infrastructure is best in class – opening up a new world of first-party data opportunities right across the advertising ecosystem.

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Why Fusion?

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Culture of security

We do not use browser signals in our platform. Our IDs leverage the telco network and are processed within the highly secure and privacy-compliant telco firewall to protect user data.

One-click integrations

The Fusion in-network platform components are easy to install with click-of-a-button telco integrations and can be used in isolation or alongside other ID solutions on the market.

Market facing

Unparalleled access to telcos enables use of consented first-party data intelligence to create a viable, scaled new ID currency for digital advertising and marketing.

Powers high performance

The Fusion platform ID suite validates and activates first-party data intelligence to deliver unified audience profiles and strong campaign results.

Superior addressability

Fusion empowers demand-side platforms to build richer audiences at scale, and supply-side platforms to increase their audience-enriched ad inventory as it becomes available.

Hassle-free activation

Our ID products enable fast and seamless activation for publishers, brands, and SSPs.


Flawless analytics

We take the guesswork out of marketing by identifying and verifying real audiences at source, and monitoring success to achieve better results for our clients.

High and specific security standards

Novatiq is ISO 27001 certified. Safety and security is at the core of all our technology and business practices.


Ad inventory optimisation

Supply-side platforms use Fusion to increase their audience-enriched ad inventory as it becomes available.

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One all-in-one platform. One activation process. Two powerful IDs.

Fusion brings together two IDs: Zenith ID for seamless user authentication and Hyper ID for privacy-friendly audience activation at scale.

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