Data Privacy

Proprietary tech built with privacy as priority

Novatiq’s proprietary snowflake ID ensures your customers get the experience they want with the privacy they deserve.

Our integrated in-network solution translates profile attributes into audience segments that are applied to our unique, dynamic snowflake ID.

The snowflake is guided across the ad ecosystem using a secure distributed data process and exchanged for associated segments at the point-of-use. Only the snowflake moves outside the firewall, so customer data remains private, protected and under your control.

Once the snowflake token has fulfilled its purpose, its ability to be re-used evaporates. Keeping consumers firmly in control of their data privacy, and brands on the right side of regulation.

Our patented snowflake ID technology is designed with privacy as priority

  • Our dynamic snowflake ID is pseudonymised and carried through the ecosystem
  • No granular or personal information is shared outside of the telco firewall
  • Each snowflake is given a unique, non-sequential label
  • Each snowflake maps in real time to audiences specific to each data partner
  • The snowflake evaporates after use
  • If a customer removes their consent to use data, there are no breadcrumbs to sweep up
  • The snowflake token ensures data protection, integrity and confidentiality

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