Novatiq’s identity solutions have new names

Novatiq ID Zenith Hyper

The same world-class patented product suite, just renamed to capture the essence of who we are today, and to symbolise our dynamic future.  

We’re excited to announce that we’ve rebranded our ID product suite in order to simplify and create clarity around our offerings. Here’s what’s changed.  


Snowflake ID is now Hyper ID 

Hyper ID

Hyper ID is a transactional, anonymous and unique ID that is generated in real-time. It enables publishers, brands and marketers to place the right ads in front of the right audiences by matching users with consented first-party audience groups, both within their publisher specific properties and the open web. Using pseudonymised first party data, including consented deterministic telco data, advertisers can achieve better campaign performance without any personal data ever entering the ad tech ecosystem. 

We chose the name ‘Hyper’ as it evokes the sense of a lightning-fast event – just as our token ID moves in real time through the advertising ecosystem. 


Partner ID is noZenith ID 

Zenith ID

Zenith ID helps publishers and brands join the dots and gain a 360-degree view of audiences for both “ghost” and authenticated users across devices. Generated by publishers and verified by telcos, this patented ID solution ensures consistent recognition of the same user for consented first-party profiling and accurate analytics.  

We chose the name ‘Zenith’ as it brings to mind the highest point reached by a celestial body – much like the market-leading business benefits publishers will enjoy in accessing the full holistic view of audiences to match them with the right inventory.


Our platform is Fusion 

The one-of-a-kind Fusion platform brings together Zenith and Hyper verification IDs as one complete solution providing consented first-party audience validation, creation and activation. This completely new approach provides ID at scale to overcome challenges faced across the ad ecosystem in the delivery of personalised advertising – putting privacy first and giving consumers control.  

Fusion results when you join two or more things together to form a single entity – just as our platform blends telco network signals and customer intelligence to create a complete ID solution and audience segments for targeting.  

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