Novatiq white paper outlines an exciting new revenue opportunity for telcos. Download today

Telco whitepaper

Last week, Novatiq has published a white paper that shines a light on a significant new opportunity for telcos in the media and marketing sector. The paper, Digital Identity Verification for a Privacy-First World, explains how telcos can leverage their network information to provide verification IDs for digital advertising that are compliant with privacy laws including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other emerging regulations worldwide.  


Telco white paper

In the paper, we take a deep dive into some of the ways in which telcos are currently looking to drive growth – such as through service application-level opportunities around 5G and AI, new service bundles, and through Connected TV (CTV) and home offerings.  

Digital identifiers will supplement these opportunities with a new revenue stream from an important vertical sector – and one that telcos have long struggled to secure a foothold within. As has been reflected in recent news around the selloff of Verizon Media, telcos have in the past failed to buy their way into the marketing and media industry. Digital identifiers provide a preferable, service-level route to entry that’s grounded in telco’s core competencies. 

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The timing is perfect. Third party cookies are on the demise and Mobile Advertising IDs are being devalued as tech companies focus squarely on the privacy of consumers. Publishers need to find new ways of activating their first party data, while brands need to find new ways of identifying their target audiences on the open web.  

Novatiq’s white paper is a must read for anyone in the telco industry looking to make the most of this opportunity. In the paper, we describe exactly how telcos can serve verification IDs to publishers so they can identify repeat visitors to their sites across devices, and how telcos can also deliver real-time audience segments to advertisers without compromising one iota on security or privacy.  

Telcos have already amassed expertise in delivering verification services for ecommerce applications, such as through the GSMA’s Mobile Connect and af2m’s Mobile ID. The opportunity at hand is to build on this experience and offer a service that will underpin the privacy-first digital advertising ecosystem that’s taking shape today. The benefits for telcos are compelling: 

  • Proactively develop telco-based advertising IDs as a basis for delivering personalised customer experiences 
  • Gain immediate traction in the lucrative digital advertising market 
  • Turn your customer intelligence into a competitive advantage 
  • Add a significant new revenue stream. 

The white paper is available to download now. In it you will find more information on the opportunity, as well as practical advice for how telcos can get up and running quickly and successfully.  

Right now, the advertising ID space is up for grabs. Telcos that move fast with value-add services that meet the needs of advertisers, publishers and consumers stand to win the lion share of what will be a significant market. Our paper explains what needs to be done – now it’s just a race to the finish. 

Tanya Field

Chief Product Officer

29 Jun

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