Novatiq joins to enable seamless integration with publishers and SSPs


If you’re a publisher, brand or Supply Side Platform (SSP) provider, then integrating with Novatiq has just got a whole lot easier. We received approval to join the ecosystem: the most popular header bidding platform on the market. is an open-source, global community comprising market leading publishers, buyers and technology providers.’s technology enables publishers to implement header bidding on websites and mobile apps. With header bidding, publishers create a short delay before serving an ad in order to gather bids from multiple SSPs and ad exchanges. Doing so ensures publishers receive the highest return possible for their inventory.  

With Novatiq launched on Prebid, publishers, brands and SSPs will find it easier to interoperate with our purpose-built digital advertising ID platform. That means they can get up-and-running on our service faster and immediately start enjoying all the benefits of privacy-first, first-party data activation.  

Tanya Field, Novatiq’s Chief Product Officer, comments: “Prebid is the platform of choice for publishers and SSPs. Now it’s fast becoming the de facto platform for the next generation of advertising ID providers, with Unified ID already announced as being operated through the platform.  

“It’s hugely exciting to see the future of the digital advertising industry starting to take shape. It’s one that will deliver all the benefits of personalised, programmatic advertising without compromising one iota on the privacy and control of web users.” 

Tanya Field

Chief Product Officer

21 May

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