Novatiq contributes to IAB Europe’s much-anticipated guide to the Post Third-Party Cookie Era

IAB Europe Cookie Guide

This comprehensively updated third edition of the Guide, available here, provides the very latest thinking into the alternative solutions that are set to replace third-party cookies when they disappear in 2023—including our very own privacy-first use of telco data in the identity space.

We think it’s a must-read for publishers, brands and agencies looking to stay current on the latest opportunities and get clarity on the following questions:

  • What factors have contributed to the phase out of third-party cookies?
  • How will this reshape the industry?
  • How will the loss of third-party cookies impact measurement and verification for digital advertising campaigns?
  • What solutions currently exist to replace the use of third-party cookies?
  • What solutions are being innovated?
  • What alternative solutions may be suitable for your business?
  • How can market players identify ID solutions to test and work effectively with?

First party data will be key

The IAB Europe Guide makes it clear that third-party cookie loss will not be the death knell many feared, and that first-party data will be key to opening up exciting new opportunities for buy-side and sell-side players to identify and reach audiences more accurately, safely and at scale—something we at Novatiq already know!

Fundamentally, marketers want to provide the right content to the right people at the right time, whether those people are on their smartphone, laptop or tablet. Since cookies are tied to a device, they don’t do an especially good job of matching audiences where the user is switching from one device to another.

Our IDs do. That’s because they’re powered by consented intelligence from telco networks, and telcos have the information to create verified audiences for publishers and brands  cross-device, including ‘ghost’ users who are not logged in. This enables the industry to build 360-degree profiles of audiences, target those audiences with personalised and relevant campaigns, and even use telco-derived audience characteristics to enrich profiles, increasing the value of ad impressions.

And do all these things safely, in compliance with all relevant data privacy regulations.

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