Novatiq accredited with key security certification from the ISO

ISO certification

Earlier this month, Novatiq passed another important milestone in our story by achieving ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for our Information security management system (ISMS). Issued by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), the accreditation recognises the integrity of Novatiq’s data and systems and our commitment to information security.

The certification is proof positive that clients can rely on Novatiq’s robust and systematic approach to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive company and customer information.


ISO Certification

Alexander Duque, our Director of Operations, comments: “This accomplishment could not have been achieved without the commitment and passion of every single member of the Novatiq team. Achieving this certification has involved rigorous training around security processes, procedures and policies, and these are now part of our corporate DNA. The focus now is on continual improvement, and I’m inspired by the dedication shown by my colleagues to preparing for the next stage of the certification process.”

Jonathan Hulford-Funnell, CEO of Novatiq, adds: “Novatiq’s aim is to sit at the heart of a global web of telco partners and digital advertising ecosystem players to deliver best-in-class identity services. Global recognition of our security credentials is therefore absolutely fundamental to our plans for the future, and I would like to congratulate everyone on the team for this outstanding achievement.”

For Tanya Field, Novatiq’s Chief Product Officer, the accreditation underscores Novatiq’s value proposition: “Our aim is to deliver secure, privacy-centric services that leverage in-network telco information for identity verification and audience activation. Our product gives telcos, publishers, advertisers and consumers confidence that first-party data is safe throughout programmatic advertising activity. Our ISO certification underscores that vision, sending a message to clients and the wider ecosystem that Novatiq is the right partner for secure, privacy-centric identity solutions.”


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