KDDI, Supership Holdings and Supership launches next-generation digital advertising distribution platform utilising Novatiq’s technology

Supership launches platform with KDDI

Following our announcement in June, we are delighted that our Asia partner, Supership Inc., announced the launch of their next-generation digital ad distribution platform utilising our technology.

With the inclusion of verified first-party telco data from the local partner, KDDI Corporation, the platform creates the first privacy-safe, end-to-end solution in the Asian advertising market.

Built using Novatiq’s patented Fusion platform and leveraging our transient Hyper ID, the ad platform will enable Supership’s publishers and advertising partners to serve relevant messages to web visitors, even when they are browsing anonymously. With KDDI Corporation managing the matching process, no personal data ever enters the adtech ecosystem.

Following similar global regulatory shifts, including GDPR and CCPA, Japan made changes to the Japan Act on the Protection of Personal Information in June 2020, with these amendments coming into force in April 2022. As a result, this new platform is well-timed to ensure publishers can continue to monetise their visitors and advertisers can continue to reach their audiences and serve relevant ads, all in a privacy-safe manner.

Jurgita Rudzyte

Director of Marketing

17 Nov

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