Telco success story: 50% ROI uplift for this leading telco


Telcos stand at the centre of every digital transaction and have a unique and valuable position in the industry. By facilitating safe and consented use of their first-party data, we help Telcos confidently grow and diversify their services to the advertising industry.

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Using our CRM intelligence securely to power campaigns across external digital environments has been a real revelation! Our Mother’s Day sim campaign with Novatiq performed significantly better compared to other initiatives, and we are delighted with the results.


Turkey’s’s leading telco wanted to promote their new smartphone app, a curated marketplace for women. The primary objective was to reach existing female customers around Mother’s Day, outside of their owned digital environments.


Using their own consented data, combined with our easy-to-implement, in-network proprietary solution, this telco was able to quickly create a customer segment of females aged 18-45. Personal data was kept within the highly secure telco network, enabling marketers to access first-party data that was fully regulatory compliant.


50% uplift in return on investment

82% increase in click-through rate where Novatiq deterministic data was used

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