Pioneering the era of personalisation without personal data

Deterministic data intelligence that works

Transform data intelligence

Solutions for Telcos

Our platform was developed by telco experts who know that customers come first.

That’s why we’re able to guarantee a safe, secure and compliant way to monetise intelligence, while protecting the data you have been trusted with.

We help telcos:

  • Generate incremental revenue
  • Maximise business strategy

Solutions for Marketers

Take the guesswork out of marketing, and supercharge your campaigns using first-party data intelligence.

We build audience segments using deterministic and verified data intelligence, so that you can deliver highly personalised content to real people, without ever compromising personal data.

We help marketers:

  • Build better audience segments
  • Tailor personalised experiences

Solutions for Publishers

Find and build loyal communities using real-time data.

Achieve better ad performance by protecting your datasets, uncovering new opportunities, and focusing on more strategic engagement with audiences across digital environments.

We help publishers:

  • Protect and elevate datasets
  • Verify audience authenticity

Privacy Is Our Priority

Our integrated in-network solution translates profile attributes into audience segments that are applied to our unique, dynamic snowflake ID.

The snowflake ID is guided across the ad ecosystem using a secure distributed data process and exchanged for associated segments at the point-of-use. Only the snowflake moves outside the firewall, so customer data remains private, protected and under your control.

Once the snowflake has fulfilled its purpose, its ability to be re-used evaporates. Keeping consumers firmly in control of their data, and brands on the right side of regulation. High-powered performance, with peace-of-mind.


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